Spa Utopia - Therapeutic Pine Mud Bath  32oz

Spa Utopia - Therapeutic Pine Mud Bath 32oz

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Healthy skin is beautiful skin! Moor Mud products help to restore the body's natural balance by encouraging detoxification.

The mud's high humic acid content acts as a natural anti-inflammatory helping to reduce pain and muscle aches, minimize joint inflammation, and control cellulite.
Moor Mud contains natural cell regeneration properties. Over 1300 natural, organic plant enzymes, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins have been identified within the mud. Many of these elements increase metabolism and provide a natural ion exchange that results in detoxification. The mud also possesses natural astringent qualities to help eliminate bacteria and fight infection. Plant hormones (phyto-hormones) in Moor Mud also act as natural hormone balancers.
Spa Utopia Moor Mud is sourced from Canada's own Outaouais region in southwest Quebec - a moorland area that, over the aeons, has become exceptionally rich in organic elements. Pine needle essential oil added to the mud ensures an invigorating yet relaxing spa experience to enjoy at home.
Enjoy a Spa Utopia Pine Moor Mud bath if you want to relieve sore muscles, are experiencing 'sports stress,' want to boost your immune system, want to reduce joint inflammation, or simply want to experience the energizing effects of pine-scented Moor Mud. 
BENEFITS: Moor Mud helps to remove toxicity within the body and creates a natural ion exchange. Taking a therapeutic Moor Mud treatment will create a 'forced fever' so that the body can naturally detoxify and eliminate stored impurities. Moor Mud acts as a natural astringent to help fight infection and bacteria. It can also help relieve rheumatic diseases, such as muscular rheumatism, joint rheumatism ( arthritis-arthrosis ), lumbago, neuralgia, peripheral circulatory disturbances, chilblains and mycosis. Bathing in Moor Mud encourages deep relaxation.

INSTRUCTIONS: For one full bath dissolve 100ml of mud in lukewarm water and stir with your hand. After getting into the tub, hot water of up to 39C-40C can be added if tolerated. For hypertension reduce temperature to 37-38C and dissolve 50ml of mud in water. Otherwise, bathe at a temperature between 36C and 38C. Stay in the bath for 20-25 minutes. After bathing, rest for one hour. Use daily until symptoms are reduced or when desired comfort level is reached. Afterwards, use twice a week to maintain health.


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