Brow & Eye Pen

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Amaterasu Latest Arrival!

I receive emails often from customers for new products all the time. The 2 top requests are spun into this new product.

Those with gray hair said they would like a brow liner that matches their hair better and at the same time, provides stronger coverage to actually allow them to fill in any bald spots on their brows. 

The result: A brow pen that is more opaque than our Liquid Brow Liner so that it can be used to fill in bald spots on brows quickly and naturally. 

This product is perfect for those with brow alopecia or if you have over-tweezed your brows. Hormones can play a part in our brows shedding as well. As we age, our brows can also thin out. 

I was also asked to create a lighter colour liquid eyeliner for those with fair skinned or simply prefer to wear a lighter shade instead of a jet black or super dark brown liquid eyeliner. 

I put these two wish lists into one product and created our 2-in-1 Brow & Eye Pen 

It comes in 2 universal colours: Ash (soft grey) and Truffle (neutral brown).


Ash - this is great for women with gray or platinum colour hair and wants a brow makeup that matches their hair better as well as offers better coverage. Those with blonde hair who prefer ashy shades may consider this colour as well. For those who normally wears Brunette Liquid Brow Liner, Ash is your shade.

As an eyeliner, it is a great ash grey and suitable for fairer to medium skin tones.

Truffle - suitable for most hair colour or those who needed a bit more coverage and normally wears Cocoa/Chestnut/Taupe Liquid Brow Liner. As an eyeliner, it is suitable for most skin tones or those with very fair skin.

Application Technique:

As a brow makeup - we recommend applying the product by gliding the brush tip with gentle strokes and with very little pressure. The less you press down the better. This will ensure you're not depositing too much pigment. You can also use your fingertips to blend right before the product is dry to further soften the look. It's very important to powder your brows prior to application to prevent the product from depositing too much pigment in areas where there may be skin creams or oil on the skin.

As an eyeliner - line eyes in small strokes for best control 


  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Micro-fiber Tip Brush (Same brush tip and size as our liquid eyeliner)
  • 24 hour formula
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • PFAS Free

 Weight: 0.6 ml / 0.02 fl oz