Spa Utopia - Rosemary Mint Conditioner

  • $40.97
Lathering up with this luxurious, professional shampoo is the perfect way to wake yourself up for the day ahead! While stimulating your senses, the rich, "green scented" foam washes away oils, pollutants and residue from your hair, leaving it silky smooth and fresh-smelling. Spa Utopia Rosemary/Mint Shampoo won't create build-up and is suitable for all types of hair, including hair that's been chemically treated.

Invigorating essential oil of Rosemary stimulates your circulation and encourages healthy hair growth, while essential oil of Peppermint enhances mental activity and concentration. Peppermint also has a beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp. As a further benefit for your hair and scalp, we have added antioxidant Vitamin E to this formulation. This product is best followed by Spa Utopia Rosemary/Mint Conditioner for added strength and shine.

Comes in a convenient pump bottle.